Node-RED Smart Home Control

Welcome to the registration point for Node-RED Smart Home Control - this service works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant/ Google Home.

With 9500+ users, and 28000+ defined devices, available in 12 Amazon Alexa markets, English and German locales for Google Home/ Google Assistant (more markets to follow!), this web service enables you to quickly bring voice-control to your Node-RED flows.

The service supports "out of band" state updates (from physical or other automated device interactions) whilst providing real-time visibility of device state across Smart Assistant applications.

You can support the ongoing development and hosting costs of this service via PayPal: or alternatively through the GitHub Sponsors programme.

Composite screenshots from Alexa and Google Home Apps


Node-RED Smart Home Control supports an array of capabilities, these are outlined in the table below. Note that some capabilities are region-specific, for more information (Alexa-specific) see List of Capability Interfaces and Supported Locales. Current regional limitations affecting this service:

Alexa Interface Google Trait Supported Controls Example Usage Example Commands
Brightness Control Brightness 0-100%, increase, decrease MQTT-enabled smart bulb/ light "Alexa, set Lounge Light to 50%", "Alexa, (increase | reduce | dim) Lounge Light", "Hey Google, set Lounge Light to 50%"
Channel Control Experimental (number only) Channel number or name etc. HTTP Out node "Alexa, set Lounge TV channel to (101 | BBC1)", "Hey Google, set Lounge TV to channel 101"
Color Control ColorSetting Red, Green, Blue etc. MQTT-enabled smart bulb/ light "Alexa, set Lounge Light to (Green | Red | Yellow | etc)", "Hey Google, set Lounge Light to (Green | Red | Yellow | etc)"
Color Temperature Control ColorSetting Warm, Warm White, Incandescent, Soft White, White, Daylight, Daylight White, Cool, Cool White MQTT-enabled smart bulb/ light "Alexa, set Lounge Light to Warm White", "Hey Google, set Lounge Light to Warm White"
Contact Sensor ContactSensor *No commands* N/A "Alexa, is the Kitchen window open?" Note you can also use this interface as a trigger.
Input Control None HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, HDMI4, phono, audio1, audio2 and "chromecast" Yamaha Music Cast Amplifier "Alexa, on AV Receiver change input to HDMI1"
Lock Control Experimental* Lock/ Unlock MQTT connected Lock "Alexa, Lock Front Door", "OK Google, unlock Front Door"
Motion Sensor MotionSensor *No commands* N/A You can use this interface as a trigger with Alexa
Playback Control Experimental Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, Next, Previous, Start Over Kodi RPC (including Plex Addon control) "Alexa, (pause | play | stop) Kitchen TV", "Hey Google, pause Kitchen TV
Percentage Control None Increase by%, decrease by %, set to specific % Any MQTT enabled Fan "Alexa, set Bedroom Fan to 50%"
Power Control OnOff On/ Off Any MQTT enabled smart-switch/ plug, KODI RPC (w/ HDMI CEC) "Alexa, turn (on | off) Kitchen Light", "Alexa, turn (on | off) Kitchen TV", "Hey Google, turn (on | off) Kitchen Light"
Range Control OpenClose (Support for Blinds/ Awning only) 0-100 (Blinds), 0-10 (Anything else) Any MQTT enabled smart blinds. "Alexa, (raise | lower) Kitchen Blind", "Alexa, set Kitchen Blind to 100", "Hey Google, (close | open) Kitchen Blind"
Scene Control Scene On/ Off Any MQTT enabled smart-switch "Alexa, turn on Movie Night", "Hey Google, start Movie Night"
Speaker Control Experimental Set volume to #, increase/ decrease volume, mute, unmute Amplifier, AVR, any device that can be set to a specific volume "Alexa, (increase | decrease | mute) volume on AV Receiver," "Alexa, set volume on AV Receiver to 50", "Hey Google, set AV Reciver volume to 25%"
Step Speaker Control None Increase/ decrease volume, mute, unmute Device that cannot be set to specific volume, only increase/ decrease and mute "Alexa, (increase | decrease | mute) volume on AV Receiver"
Temperature Sensor None *No commands* N/A "Alexa, what is the temperature the Lounge?"
Thermostat Control (Single Point) TemperatureSetting Auto, Eco, Heat, Cool, specific temperature Any Thermostat endpoint in Node-Red "Alexa, set Thermostat to 22 degrees", "Hey Google, set Thermostat to 22 degrees"

*See market/ region specific restrictions above table.

Disclaimer: I/ the creators of this service and website are not responsible for any issues arising from it's use, including loss or damaged equipment, property, injury or life. You consume this service at your own risk.